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No fix, no fee!

We were asked to look at a 7 year old photocopier. The machine was showing the fault code "SC320" this fault relates to a polygon mirror motor fault.

The repair is a simple one, strip & replace the polygon mirror motor.

No fix, no fee solution

Call Out


Labour 3 hours on site


Polygon Mirror Motor Ass'y



Job done! fault code gone away? or is it!


In fact the problem was only the icing on the cake.

We assessed the machines condition, after half an hours labour £45.00 + vat we had determined the reason the mirror motor had failed was due to a  worn out fuser exhaust fan. The fuser unit rollers were due for replacement and the developer had worn out. The true cost to fix / return the machine to good working condition would have been close to £1000.00.

Once you start the repairs you end up having all the extra jobs done because you have spent £400 on the initial repair.

The customer choose to replace the machine with a refurbished "digital" machine capable of printing, copying and network scanning in colour at a cost of £1500 + vat, he then decided to take out a maintenance agreement at 0.5p per copy, to cover all future repairs, we also credited the initial repair cost against the new machine.

How often have you wished you had hindsight

A photocopier is very similar to a car, it has consumable parts that have to replaced at certain intervals. Before you undertake any repair you need to know how much life is left  in these consumable components. Fuser units for some photocopiers can cost in excess of £1000. We will ensure you can make a judgement on the value for money of the repair

We advocate spending half an hour to assess the general condition of the machine prior to commencing the repair. What would you prefer:-

  1. A bill for £45.00 + vat and comprehensive breakdown of the life left in your consumables, you are then in a position to make decision on whether to proceed with the £424.00 repair, knowing your fuser unit will also need replacing in the next 10,000 copies/prints.
  2. A bill for £424.00 + vat, only to find 3 months (10,000) copies later that the machine starts to offset toner down the page, you call the original repairer out only to be told this is a completely unrelated fault and you will need to replace the fuser unit which has has worn out. What do you do now, you have incurred another call out fee (of between £75 - £200 you have to pay call out if you do not choose to have the repair done because they can fix the machine by fitting the £1000 fuser unit) or consider a replacement !

This how the statement should read - No fix, no fee! (Of the the fault reported, taking no account of the long term on going costs of replacement parts about to wear out).

If your volume is over 2500 prints/copies per month (5 reams of paper) you would be better of having a maintenance agreement, where you can budget for upcoming maintenance expense, this also covers you for day to day failures. With a maintenance agreement you can expect your equipment to last 5 years, without one you will be replacing it every 3 years.

Quickstream Ltd T/A Digital Office Solutions,

Unit 5 Hyders Farm,

Bonnetts Lane,


RH11 0NY

Tel. 01293 537827

Fax. 01293 614906

Director JM Waters

Redgistered in England Reg No 04193475

Reg Office 87 Church Street, Willingdon, BN22 0HS

Vat Reg No. 858 1773 84

Title - No fix, no fee photocopier repair Crawley West Sussex and Surrey

Description - Why the no fix, no fee copier repair is not worth considering, it will cost you more in the long term. We will assess your equipment on site in Crawley Sussex and Surreyand ensure you can make a long term decision on whether the photocopier repair is economically viable. If you choose to proceed with the repair we will be more then happy to complete the repair on you office equipment.

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